The Kids Castle

We welcome you and your family, to The Kids Castle.

The whole team at The Kids Castle is experienced and dedicated to promoting the best quality care and learning for young children and their families. We believe in a partnership of care and the promotion of Life Long Learning, and hope to work with you in this endeavour. We particularly try to develop positive respectful professional relationships through good communication.

Over the years we have earned excellent reputation in our associated Nursery School, Child Care facilities and Children’s Centre We can now offer an even more holistic approach so that your child can access all the care services that you wish for.

We believe all young children have right to get the best education and care in their early years and We are delighted to be the bridge and directing force for providing your child a stimulating and caring learning environment.


We have a specially designed program that caters to every age and every stage that falls within the preschool spectrum. It consists of wide range of concepts, experiences and materials designed to adapt to the development needs of the children. This exciting new program is based on the very best research and teaching techniques used worldwide to educate young children. The program is unique blend of brain-based research and creative teaching techniques that not only teach your children, but actually inspire them to learn.

Theme based learning

Various themes are presented in a relaxed, stimulating and encouraging atmosphere and they introduce new concepts, experiments, movement, creative activities singing and so much more. The children explore each theme from every angle. This involves all their senses including touch, smell, hearing and sight.